IFIP TM on Trust Management

Trust is an essential glue for any society, whether formed by human or artificial agents, whether in a real-life or an online setting. This trust needs to be established, reinforced or abolished to reflect changes in the society and its participants. The mechanisms for such trust management may be psychological or sociological in the case of humans, algorithmic or probabilistic, e.g., in the case of artificial agents. Services for brokering, certification, recommendation, legal enforcement, identity and reputation management may also help the agent in this management task, and they are all the more useful given the increasing scale and virtual nature of societies. Indeed, applications such as online social networks, collaborative systems or e-commerce need to contend with high transaction volume, anonymity, and malicious behavior. Solutions to these challenges need to be validated using realistic models and benchmarks.

Now in its 11th edition, IFIPTM is a well-established conference in the field of trust, security and privacy, and invites contributions in all aspects of trust management, including but not limited to:

Trust in Information Technology
- formal aspects (specification, reasoning, and analysis)
- trust-based and trust-aware IT policy management
- trust in social networks and emerging contexts
- trust in collaborative applications, crowd-sourcing and wiki systems
- trust in human-computer interaction and usable systems
- case studies and applications

Socio-Technical, economic and sociological Trust
- economic modeling of trust, risk and control; economics of trusted data quality
- trust, control and reputation effects in social networking, e- and m-commerce
- trust and socio materiality; socio-technical network structures; biological trust
- ethical, sociological, psychological, legal aspects

Trust and reputation management systems
- architectures and models
- benchmarks, metrics and computation

Identity management and trust
- anonymity, privacy and accountability
- identity and personal information brokering
- legal aspects

Secure, trustworthy and privacy-aware systems
- platforms and standards
- software and services

Trust building in Large scale systems
- trust in Cloud environments
- large Identity Management Systems like UID/SSN, Banks, Mobile user groups
- trust management for large user groups including machine and human participation

12/Jun/2017 to 16/Jun/2017
Gothenburg (Sweden)
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