International Workshop on Cyber Resilience Economics

This proposed workshop will be co-located with the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability, and Security (, in Prague, Czech Republic, July 25-29, 2017.

Background and Scope: Cyber economics drives many of the decisions related to cybersecurity by both the defenders and attackers. It determines on the defensive side the technologies and procedures implemented to prevent and respond to cyber-attacks. On the offensive side, it not only determines the type of attack but also the effort expended to ensure its success. In short, these and other factors determine the asymmetric balance between the attackers and defenders. The Cyber Resilience Economics workshop will explore foundational and applied advances to achieve an optimal asymmetric balance and how to most effectively leverage technical and management options to achieve this target. To do so, the workshop will seek to understand the parameters needed to accurately quantify asymmetric imbalance from both the offensive and defensive perspective; examine technical and non-technical approaches to shifting that balance, including the full range of costs/benefits of each approach; and explore and evaluate a range of options for defining and achieving optimality. It will bring together a diverse group of experts to advance the concepts, analysis and application of cost, value, risk and other important features of cyber systems as related to asymmetric advantage and cyber resiliency. This will serve to accelerate the recognition, adoption and application of cyber resilience within industry, government and academia by addressing the key concerns of how these techniques and technologies can be realized within the practical constraints of cost, risk, and benefit.
Information for Authors: We are currently seeking manuscripts for a full-day workshop that will be a forum to discuss recent research in areas associated with cyber resilience economics.

25/Jul/2017 to 29/Jul/2017
Prague (Czech Republic)
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