Mohamad Imad Mahaini

Modelling and analysing trust and influence in social networks
Research work: 

Modelling and Analysing Trust and Influence in Social Networks.

The main topic of research of ESR-15 is about the "influence" and "trust" in Online Social Networks (OSN). Its objectives are:

  1. Study the socio-technical aspects that have a significant relevance to cyber-security analysis and operations.
  2. Develop socio-technical systems that enable modelling and analysing trust and influence in social networks (public and private) and in adversary groups and communities.

The research will focus on how trust, advice and influence impact on:

  1. Social networks that include cyber-security professionals or other personnel involved in cyber-security operations.
  2. Social networks used by adversaries for coordinating or enacting cyber-attacks.

We aim to build a hybrid approach that combine methods from Computer Science and Psychology in order to better understand what makes the OSN users “influencers” and how “Trust” occurred between users. Our focus is the Cybersecurity context where we consider only the topics, events and discussions that are related to Cybersecurity domains.

This project will also consider regulatory and legal aspects (including privacy) that underpin the ethical and lawful conduct of such analyses.