NeCS ESR Athanasios Rizos at Internet Festival in Pisa (Italy)

Friday, October 6, 2017

ESR14 Athanasios Rizos - CNR

Information about the event and the talk:
Four days of cultural, educational, artistic and communicative initiatives linked to the internet world. An unmissable event for anyone who curiosies every day, uses the network for work or study, for geek. Workshops, seminars, exhibitions, installations, games and events for a full immersion into the infinite universe of the Internet.
In the 2017 edition, the “Forms of the Future” slogan for the Festival will act as a framework for the themes of digital innovation and the world of the Net. IF2017 will propose solutions, describe perspectives, products and services that will be part of our near future
NeCS researcher Athanasios Rizos (ESR14) from CNR participated in the event held in Pisa from 5-8 Octrober. He had the opportunity to explain to the audience issues about "Usage Control in communication protocols for securing information sharing in IoT"