Sharing Cyber Threat Intelligence Under the General Data Protection Regulation

Author (ESR): 
Adham Albakri (University of Kent)
Adham Albakri, Eerke A. Boiten, Rogério de Lemos

Sharing Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is a key strategy for improving cyber defense, but there are risks of breaching regulations and laws regarding privacy. With regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that are designed to protect citizens’ data privacy, the managers of CTI datasets need clear guidance on how and when it is legal to share such information. This paper defines the impact that GDPR legal aspects may have on the sharing of CTI. In addition, we define adequate protection levels for sharing CTI to ensure compliance with the GDPR. We also present a model for evaluating the legal requirements for supporting decision making when sharing CTI, which also includes advice on the required protection level. Finally, we evaluate our model using use cases of sharing CTI datasets between entities.

7th Annual Privacy Forum, APF 2019, Rome, Italy, June 13–14, 2019, Proceedings